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Boy Scouts

Troop 78, Co-sponsored
by the men of UBC

What about Cub Scouts? Click link.

Troop 78 meets at University Baptist Church. 

Boy Scout Troop 78 meets nearly every Tuesday, 7 p.m., usually in Memory Hall at University Baptist Church. They are co-sponsored by the men of the church. New members are always welcome. Meetings are cancelled when temperatures reach minus 30 degrees at 5:30 p.m. Dial 844 for current temperature.

Our troop sponsors a yearly Dutch Oven Dessert Social for the church family. In 2007, it was March 18 at 7  p.m. (after the evening service). Scouts seeking Eagle projects have been instrumental in many projects around the church, from building fences and bridges, to re-roofing our boiler room.

Troop 78 celebrate Boy Scout Sunday at Church. Boys wear their uniforms to church, and then join in activities in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.

If your son is at least 11 years old, you are welcome to take advantage of this program. Contact Doug Hart or Dave Minto for more information.

Troop 78 has their own newsletter, but the UBC Informer, University Baptist Church's newsletter,  carries a column about them each month as well. Anyone interested can send an email to the church with their name and address to be added to the church newsletter mailing list.

Venture Crew 78 meets Monday nights, at 7:00 pm at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game office conference room at 1300 College Road.

Venture Crews are designed for youth (boys and girls) ages 14-21 to pursue activities and adventures designed by the youth. Crew 78 has attended BSA SeaBase as a Scuba team and participated in shooting and other outdoor activities.

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Link to photos of Troop 78.Here is a link to an index of pictures of Troop 78 engaged in various activities.

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Winter Clothing for Campouts

Boys need to have functional clothing for outdoor activities in winter. People lose most heat through their head and neck, so a good hat and neck-warmer or scarf are important.

During the day clothes become moist from sweat from normal activity. At night you must change into dry under-clothes (long-johns and socks) in order to be able to stay warm all night. You can wear these the next day, and change to a dry set again the following night. So, in addition to what you wear to begin the trip, you should have two more sets of long johns and socks in your gear.

Fabric content is very important in winter clothing. Cotton can be life threatening – it holds moisture next to skin and causes body heat to be lost MUCH faster than other fabrics. During winter camping, cotton clothing should not touch your skin. Instead, silk, wool, polypropylene, or polyester fleece (polar fleece) are good choices.

Mark all gear with the your name in indelible ink.

These things on this list are MANDATORY for attendance at cold weather camping. BUT if Scouts/parents can’t come up with the proper gear, call one of the Troop leaders, because often times they can come up with the extra gear if only given a little notice.

Excellent winter gear can be purchased from local sporting goods stores, military surplus stores or from second hand stores such as Value Village or the Salvation Army. Ask any Troop leader if you have questions.

To be worn when leaving:

Top Half

Long underwear shirt - Polypropylene is a good choice. The brown heavy military expedition weight are great, crew neck or zipper neck.

Shirt Wool or Polar Fleece – not a cotton sweat shirt.

Wool or fleece sweater or heavy wool shirt (the red BSA type)

Wind-proof jacket with hood


Troop winter hat

Bottom Half

Long underwear - Polypropylene is a good choice. The brown heavy military expedition weight are great

Pants wool or polar fleece – NOT JEANS!!!

Wind break – snow pants, bibs, coverall, or nylon wind or rain pants – wind proof and water resistant.


Boots heavy winter, Sorel type or bunny boots.

Socks 2 pair, 1 light wicking type (silk, polyester, polypropylene or wool) next to skin, and 1 heavy pair (either polypropylene, polar fleece or wool) outer socks.


Gloves - ski type insulated gloves, OR mittens – polar fleece with wind/water resistant over mitt, or wool with leather overmitt.

Polypro or wool glove liners - so you don’t have to touch anything outside with bare hands

Additional Required Gear in Duffel or Pack

Neck warmer – Wool or polar fleece (more functional than a scarf)

Socks 4 pair, 2 light wicking, 2 heavy wool or synthetic (NO COTTON!!!!!)

Extra felt liners (for Sorel type Pac boots)

Underwear 2 pair non cotton if you can

Long underwear - 2 pair polypro type, tops and bottoms (at least one pair)

Pants and shirt one or two additional wool or fleece shirt(s) and pants

Mittens dry liners or additional pair

Gloves spare pair

Sleeping hat the troop hat will work but if you have been sweating a dry hat is good, balaclava type, wool or fleece

Sleeping Equipment

Sleeping bag - mummy type so you can close the top around your head, one heavy bag Or two mid-weight sleeping bags, one inside the other

Pad two closed cell foam pads or a Therma-rest and a closed cell foam, full length. These will prevent your body heat from traveling into the ground.

Water bottle Nalgene bottles with a tight fitting top can be used for a hot water bottle to prewarm your sleeping bag.

Fleece sleeping bag liner optional but feels much warmer to climb into at bed time. Adds more insulation to you bag. Available commercially or make one from two yards of polar fleece.

Eating Equipment

Mug - plastic doesn’t cool off as fast and tongues and lips don’t freeze to it.

Utensils make sure you have a spoon, the rest is just something to lose. Put the spoon on a string and tie it to your mug. Plan your winter meals so you can eat with just the spoon and mug. If you bring knife and fork, space age plastic doesn’t freeze to lips and tongue. Tie them together and to your mug.

Bowl – If desired, bring a large plastic one. Better than a plate because food stays warmer, and it can double as a cup.

Leak-proof water bottle - you can carry it inside your jacket to keep it from freezing, must not leak.

Other Required Personal Gear

Plastic sled – to transport gear, snow for shelters, firewood, or to have fun sledding

Flashlight spare batteries and bulb, they die fast in the cold. A headlamp makes it easy to work and have light. If you are doing a lot in the dark a lantern is nice, no flames in the tent, only batteries.

Personal First Aid Kit


Small sewing/repair kit

Toilet paper

Toothbrush, Comb, soap and other personal care stuff

Chapstick or Carmex

Your Scout Book! Get your advancement signed before anyone forgets.

Recommended Items (not required but really nice to have)

Fleece socks – great for sleeping, you can use other pairs but these are very nice.

Gaiters for deep snow

Sun Screen - needed even in the snow.

 [Adapted from Troop 78 web page,]

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What about Cub Scouts?

Cub Scout Packs are formed at most elementary schools. Individual dens of Cubs are made up of boys of one age group (Tigers are in 1st grade, Wolves in 2nd grade, Bears in 3rd grade, and Webelos in 4th and 5th grade).

Tigers tend to do activities within the family and gather together as a group from once to four times each month. Wolves, Bears and Webelos usually have weekly meetings. Webelos are a two-year transition to Boy Scouts. Boys become eligible for Boy Scouts when they are in 6th grade and have passed their 12th birthday.

Call the Midnight Sun Boy Scout office at 452-1976 to find out who the Cubmaster is at the pack at your elementary school. That person can let you know who the Den leaders are for you son's age group, and Den leaders can tell you when meetings are and how you can help out. (Boys get a lot more out of Scouting if their folks are involved.)

Parents can get all the written materials (handbooks, flyers, etc.) and uniforms parts and pieces at the Council office Scout Shop. It's located on Gaffney (right next to Mary Siah swimming pool).

They also have a web page - it's

by Cathie Harms, Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 78



 Scouting resources - Directory of scouting related web sites.




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